One woman’s story of how, after enduring two decades of escalating emotional, verbal and physical abuse, she found the strength to stand, the courage to speak, the determination to act and, finally, discovered true happiness.

I am under no illusions about the fact that there are many forms that abuse can take and that my story (sadly) is just one of them.  Some people have experienced far greater abuse, some far less. The extent of the abuse isn’t the point. It’s that it still exists, and it shouldn’t. And it is happening all the time, right under our noses, and usually off the radar until someone dies or is badly hurt or, as in my case, finds their way out. Even when you find your way out, you carry your scars with you. Abuse changes a person in fundamental ways, but it does not determine your future. Only you get to do that. You get to decide whether it is going to be a roadblock or a stepping-stone to something better.


I didn’t choose to be in an abusive marriage, but that’s what happened. I found my way out and, while I will not let my story define me, I will let it drive me.  It’s why I wrote this book – to tell my story in a way that encourages other people to tell theirs.  Why? Because abuse has to stop. And the only way it is going to happen is if people keep telling their stories. Evil dies in the light. So if you’re reading this and you are one of the many who have lived through or are still living through the hell of abuse….


….find your voice


….tell your story


….and don’t let anyone stop you.

David Wilson

Christy Pickering’s brilliantly insightful story of transformation from ‘victim to victor’ after years of domestic violence should be required reading for all licensed counselors.  Her transformation from an abused wife to an empowered and wise woman can serve as a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel for women around the world faced with abuse.  Her COURAGE can serve as hope for all.

David Wilson, LMFT

Peggy Gouras

Courage is exactly what it took for Christy Pickering to allow the reader into her world of living with an abuser.  One might ask how could a beautiful, intelligent, ambitious and highly successful young woman allow herself to remain under the tyranny of a calculating narcissist?  The reader will be allowed to walk this journey as it unfolds.  Kudos to Christy Pickering, whose book, Courage reveals just what it took to endure, exit, then thrive.  This has the arm the reader with tools to break free from abuse.  Great book to share and a must-read for all young women.

Peggy Gouras

K Bankston

Through faith and courage, Christy Pickering leads the reader on a journey where she allows the reader to “go behind the scenes”. The revelation of her life changing journey is mesmerizing, poignant and inspiring.

Her courage becomes the driving force to “take center stage” and direct her own destiny.  The reader is on stage with her, listening, watching, hoping that her courage is displayed on every page.

Christy Pickering’s book is a must read in a world where her life is tested until her personal spirit perseveres.  I highly recommend the book, Courage, as it reveals that hope will prevail when there is a spirit of courage

Kay Bankston
Community College English Teacher, Retired