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Many women who stay in abusive relationships

whether through fear, lack of options or the belief that they can “change” the abuser – can become a link in a ‘chain of abuse’ if children are involved.  In an unhealthy environment, sons can learn to emulate their father’s behavior, disrespecting the women in their lives. And daughters can begin to think that this type of relationship, where physical, mental or emotional abuse happens, is normal and they can fall into a pattern of tolerating abusive behavior.

This realization was the catalyst to empower me after enduring 21 years in an abusive relationship to finally walk out the door, children in hand, to reclaim my independence and inner strength.

On the outside, everything was normal. I was raised by a loving family and became a successful business woman and community leader.  As my career as a CPA was being spotlighted, the darkness in my own home was becoming more and more secluded. Recognizing that many strong, capable women are domestic abuse victims, I hope that by sharing my story, I can help expose what has remained behind closed doors for far too long.  My message is simple, stay strong…and girl, you deserve better!

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Christy Pickering, Motivational Speaker


Christy has experienced many things in her life.  From her college days to starting her career as a CPA to serving on various corporate, charitable and state appointed boards.  But the one experience that has shaped her life the most is the two decades of abuse that she endured at home and the courage it took to finally walk out the door, children in hand, to reclaim her independence and inner strength.

Christy took that experience and began speaking to college women in 2015. She found through delivering her message “Girl, You Deserve Better!” that she needed to leave her audience with more than she could share in a one-hour message.

And so, she wrote the book “Courage”, telling her story about the abuses she endured, the lessons she learned and how she ultimately found happiness.

Dr. Jim Borsig

Christy Pickering’s powerful, first-person account is poignant, brutally honest, and – at the same time – empowering!

Dr. Jim Borsig, Former President
Mississippi University for Women

David Wilson

Christy Pickering’s brilliantly insightful story of transformation from ‘victim to victor’ after years of domestic violence should be required reading for all licensed counselors.  Her transformation from an abused wife to an empowered and wise woman can serve as a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel for women around the world faced with abuse.  Her COURAGE can serve as hope for all.

David Wilson, LMFT

Mark E. Keenum

It was my great pleasure to be in an audience of young college women on our campus while Christy Pickering shared her powerful, meaningful and transformational personal story.  As a husband and father, Christy’s story moved me and challenged me.  As a college president, seeing the impact Christy’s story had on young women was nothing short of inspirational.

Christy Pickering has a gift for connecting to young people in a non-threatening way on a very difficult set of topics.  Her message commands respect, action and introspection.  Without question, Christy’s story makes a difference in the lives of the young people who hear that message.

Mark E. Keenum, President
Mississippi State University

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